Coval Group formed as a start-up upon the purchase of a promising IP in 2020. We dedicated a year of meticulous R&D to the chemical composition and production process to officially launch an improved product in May 2021. The original formulation had undergone trials and testing spanning more than a decade with resounding success. Some examples of those projects are listed below. Our dramatically refined covalent bonding technology continues to uphold the same performance metrics as its predecessor, and now works with an even wider variety of substrates and industries. 

Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi

The roof of the iconic Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is exposed to some of the hardest conditions in the world; blistering heat, enduring UV exposure, sandstorms, pollution, salt from the sea air and little rain to clean the surface.  It is vital to the Ferrari image that the ‘Rosso Corse’ color roof resembling a red Ferrari needs to maintain its color.   After a few years, the signature color was faded and demanding rescue.   After extensive testing, Coval Metal Coat was used to bring it back to life and protect it for many years to come.

49ers Stadium

The 49ers stadium, like every stadium, endures a multitude of spills of ketchup, mustard, beer, and sodas on the floor and seating.  Then after each event the stadium is cleaned from top to bottom and if these surfaces are not protected, they will stain, fade and look worn out.  Coval Concrete Coat, Multi-Purpose Sealer and Plastic Coat was used to revitalize these surfaces and dramatically cut down cleaning time.

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors Factory in Fremont, California has an epoxy floor that was being badly damaged by the constant driving of forklifts carrying heavy loads.  Coval Concrete Coat was applied over the top of the epoxy floor to protect it from damage and the results are simply amazing!  The floor seen here after six months of use looks like new!  


Coval Concrete Coat scored 39.11 in ASTM D-3363 Taber Abrasive tests, 70-75 on the Rockwell Scale (indentation hardness) and 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale (scratch hardness).  Granite is around 7 on the Mohs scale and 90 on the Rockwell Scale.  This means the coatings have a high resistance to normal wear and tear.

Coleman National Fish Hatchery

The Coleman National Fish Hatchery spawning room used to look like a disaster zone after spawning with fish guts sticking to everything and everywhere. The large pipe shown in the picture had to be sanded and repainted. The large stainless-steel areas had to be scrubbed. It took many hours. After coating the pipes and metal surfaces with Coval Metal Coat, cleanup is so much easier. The surfaces can be hosed off with water, with no more scrubbing or repainting.

Dyess Air Force Base, Abeline, Texas

An Air Force base has many painted surfaces on its concrete, directing airplanes and military vehicles. Coval Concrete Coat was applied on all painted surfaces at Dyess Air Force Base to resist oils, staining and fading from UV light, providing direction without having to repaint, year after year. In addition, the floors in the hangars will be easy to clean, maintain, and they will last many years longer than uncoated paint as well as resisting stains better than epoxy or polyurethane.

In-N-Out Burger

IN-N-OUT Burger uses Coval Multi-Purpose Sealer and Coval Concrete Coat to protect various surfaces inside and outside their buildings. Management has their own in-house cleaning crew which was excited that the coatings eliminated the need for power washing and the surfaces look cleaner than they ever have. They have now completed application of Coval Products in several locations and approved Coval Products for all 150 of their existing restaurants as well as planning to use them for the average 8 new locations they open each year.

Golden Gate Bridge

For more than a year the Golden Gate Bridge District has been testing and expanding their use of Coval Metal Coat, Coval Concrete Coat, Coval Quick Seal & Enhance, Coval Multi-Purpose Sealer, and Coval Anti-Graffiti Coat on the Bridge and on the other facilities they are responsible for.


In this photo, Coval Metal Coat is being applied as a topcoat over the special paint used on the bridge making it last longer and stay cleaner while protecting the surfaces from corrosion as well as graffiti where the public has access.

Disneyland - Matterhorn Bobsleds Ride

The Matterhorn Bobsleds are a pair of intertwined steel roller coasters at Disneyland in Anaheim, California that have successfully been treated with Coval Metal Coat.  Previously, the steel structure was epoxy coated two times a year to prevent corrosion. The success of Coval Metal Coat on the Matterhorn has led to planned use in many other areas of the park including the monorail.


Coval Metal Coat will protect it from corrosion, keep it clean and help keep the paint from fading. This success is leading to use of Coval products at Disneyland Resorts around the world.

Hoover Dam

Intake grids are made of galvanized metal in which the galvanization is beginning to wear off, exposing the metal to oxygen, causing accelerated rust and eventual failure of the metal. The surface of the metal grids is building up with calcium and “Quagga” and “Zebra” mussels.  This reduces openings in the towers and slows down the ability of rising water to divert through the grids at the rate they were engineered to handle, potentially causing the lake level to raise to dangerous levels.

Coval Marine & Hull Coat is a thin, nontoxic, fully immersible coating that marine growth has a very difficult time adhering to. It can be applied over the existing galvanized grids when cleaned and can also go over epoxy primer, saving valuable dollars versus re-galvanizing. The ultra smooth slick surface of the Coval Marine & Hull Coat will allow water to flow thought the grids better than the original install. 

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