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SEAC to distribute Coval Antimicrobial Coatings in Singapore

We are pleased to announce Coval Group’s latest distributor of antimicrobial coatings in Singapore as SE Asia Consulting Pte Ltd.


SE Asia Consulting will distribute both BioActivate FB and Galaxy 4000 in the Singapore and surrounding markets.

BioActivate FB and Galaxy 4000 both contain the same antimicrobial active ingredient, but at different concentrations to give Galaxy 4000 a larger spread rate per gallon. BioActivate FB contains a long lasting hydrophobic sealer, which makes it an excellent choice to use in high traffic areas that will consistently encounter moisture, chemicals, or detergents. Galaxy 4000 is water soluble and is best for large general areas that do not receive routine cleaning such as walls, carpets, upholstery, partitions, and curtains. With thoughtful use of both products you can create a pathogen resistant area that is both effective and economically efficient.

The SEAC Team provides Advisory, Assurance and Due-Diligence services to businesses, covering Financial Markets including Technology, Operations, Risk Management, Legal & Compliance, Local & International Regulations & Corporate Governance as well as to the Mining and Precious Metal Refining Sectors covering such areas as M&A, Capital introductions, Equipment Leasing, Precious Metal and PGM Refining and Laboratory Turnkey Solutions for end to end business optimization.

Coval Group is a chemical manufacturer in the USA specializing in next generation coating technology for use in industrial, pipeline, marine, construction, flooring, healthcare, and electronics industries. More information on their products may be found at www.coval-group.com