• Coval Group

Oil and Energy Marketing Partner

Updated: May 11, 2021

Coval Group, a Stafford, TX based manufacturer of specialty preventive surface treatments, is pleased to announce the appointment of Laborde Technical Solutions as engineering projects marketing advisors to the Oil and Energy Segments.

Ryan Crowe, President of Coval stated that “Equipment and asset owners are excited about how our products work and the ease by which they are applied. Working with the technical and material experts at Laborde Tech will expand our ability to reach new customers and markets."

Tim Laborde, Laborde Tech President

“The Coval technology is unique and will enhance and improve the image of assets within the OEM, Rail and OTR segments. When used with our bio-friendly chemical degreasers and cleaners, Coval enables operators the ability to refresh an assets appearance, minimize dirt accumulation and improve cleaning,” said Tim Laborde, President of Laborde Tech.

Laborde Tech (Houston, TX) provides corrosion mitigation consultancy, specialized protective coating systems, tank and secondary containment linings and supporting technical services to the Water/Wastewater, Oil/Gas, Marine, Offshore and General Maintenance Segments. For additional information on our services and systems, please visit www.labordetech.com and contact info@labordetech.com.

Coval Group is a chemical manufacturer in Stafford, TX specializing in next generation coating technology for use in industrial, pipeline, marine, construction, flooring, healthcare,

and electronics industries. More information on their products may be found at www.coval-group.com