All the best research indicates that it’s vital to remove graffiti as soon as possible. This serves two purposes – it discourages the perpetrators as their “art” is either not seen at all or for only a short time, and it sends a strong message that people care about their properties and their communities. As Malcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point demonstrated in New York City, if a community cares about itself the number of crimes committed (including graffiti vandalism) are reduced.


Because it is so very easy to clean, it is the ideal product to discourage taggers. Coval Anti-Graffiti can be cleaned hundreds of times with a variety of mild cleaners.  Permanent marker can be removed with water and sponge.

Remove Graffiti Easily

Coval Anti-graffiti coating is best suited for smooth and non-porous surfaces and silicone-free plastic.  It's ideal for signs

The substrate won’t be damaged by repeated cleaning and the coating will last for many years and multiple cleans. While the graffiti coating itself should be applied by a professional applicator, the cleaning can be done by a property owner or manager.

Coval Anti-Graffiti are a revolutionary improvement on anything else on the market. The molecules in Coval Anti-Graffiti cross-link to the substrate and itself to form a bond which creates a very hard, new barrier between graffiti and the substrate below.


This product is environmentally friendly and not only does the job, it extends the life of the substrate as well. Using Coval Anti-Graffiti will eliminate the need for costly repainting, repairs and labor-intensive cleaning, so it’s cost-effective as well. You couldn’t really ask for anything more.