Coval Concrete is a next generation top coat and the keystone of our concrete coating systems.  It is durable, UV stable, peel and flake-resistant and extends the life of concrete surfaces. Coval Concrete does not simply sit on the surface; but instead forms a high tension covalent bond with the substrate and itself which creates a superior barrier against moisture, oil, mild acids, stains, abrasion and graffiti.

Use our coating to protect garage and hangar floors, buildings, bridges, overpasses, infrastructure, precast installations and artwork.

Coval Concrete can be combined with our densifier or concrete sealer to create a complete system that not only bonds to fresh or prepped concrete, but also polished, painted, or epoxied surfaces as well. 


Decorative Flooring

Concrete floors are in. Whether you prefer to showcase the rough and porous texture of exposed concrete or beautify it with color, flakes, or metallic epoxies, Coval Concrete has you covered. Our coating is ready to use and single component, so there is no measuring or mixing involved. Use Coval Primer as a base to bring out the natural beauty of the concrete floor, then add our top coat for superior protection from moisture, oils, acids, staining, and abrasion. Since our technology bonds to itself, any needed repairs or rehabilitation is simple...just clean the floor and recoat, no sanding needed.

Polished Concrete

Traditional high performance floor coating systems require aggressive surface preparation to get good adhesion, relying on mechanical bonding to the surface. Polished concrete prevents a special challenge to those coatings, as they are too smooth to mechanically bond to. The covalent bond formed by Coval Concrete allows it to be used where epoxies and urethanes can't, all while looking better, lasting longer, and protecting better than the guards and waxes that are used on such floors. 

Industrial Coating Applications

Not just a pretty face, Coval Concrete is long lasting and easy to apply, making it ideal for industrial floors, walls, and infrastructure where performance is key. The coating is strong enough to stand up to forklift traffic, yet remains easy to clean with a broom and mop.  

Precast Protection

Use Coval Concrete in the manufacturing process or after installation to protect precast tables, benches, containers and bollards from exposure to outdoor abuse. Weather, food stains, markers, paint, whatever...concrete coat stands up to them all. Keep public spaces looking great and inviting with minimal maintenance.

Graffiti Prevention

Graffiti is an expensive problem in our cities and on our highways. Removal can be difficult and expensive, painting over can be just as unsightly, and replacing the surface or structure impractical. A little protection beforehand goes a long way; surfaces coated with Coval Concrete can be cleaned with mild detergents or simple solvents such as isopropyl alcohol without damaging or altering the appearance of the underlying substrate. This helps municipalities save on both material and labor costs while reducing the time it takes to remove the graffiti, thus discouraging repeat offenses.