BioActivate FB

Coval BioActivate FB with antimicrobial (PHMB) additive repels liquids, prevents stains and it is specifically designed for use on ‘high touch’ areas.   Cleaning agents stop working the minute they dissipate, and improper cleaning often spreads harmful organisms rather than killing them.


Coval BioActivate FB, is a coating with an added antimicrobial additive and now available with a UV marker!   You can now see for yourself the coating under a black light, yet it is invisible to the naked eye when applied correctly.   Now you can have the peace of mind that you know that your home, car, school, airport, restaurant, shop or place of work is properly protected.    


The antimicrobial used in Coval BioActivate FB is EPA approved and tests have showed that it is a highly effective broad spectrum microbiocide.

Coval BioActivate FB is recommended for use indoors or outdoors on nearly any surface, and can be easily applied in office spaces, churches, theaters and homes.


Coval Galaxy 4000

Coval Galaxy 4000 with PHMB antimicrobial can coat up to 4,000 square feet.   PHMB is a powerful antimicrobial that mechanically kills microbes using electrostatic destruction.   It is a synthetic compound with broad spectrum antimicrobial action.   PHMB is both a disinfectant and antimicrobial that is used in everything from cleaning solutions, hospital bandages, general skin disinfectant to contact lens solution for over 60 years.

PHMB does not require direct contact with the microbial as do many other coatings that require a ‘physical’ kill.  The positively charged PHMB polymers break down negatively charged microorganisms without requiring physical contact.   Which means that any dust or microscopic dirt particles will not prevent Coval Galaxy 4000 from working as it will with our competitors!