BioActivate FB with Antimicrobial additive repels liquids, prevents stains and it is ideal for use on furniture, clothing, carpet, rugs, coveralls, and upholstery.   Cleaning agents stop working the minute they dissipate, and improper cleaning often spreads harmful organisms rather than killing them. 


BioActivate FB, a coating with an added Antimicrobial additive coatings will stay on the surface and continue to work for many months.  It acts every second to breakdown organic material that it encounters.  The antimicrobial used in BioActivate FB has been shown to be highly effective against a range of bird and animal viruses including both enveloped and naked RNA/DNA viruses including Coronavirus.

BioActivate FB is a must for fabric-covered chairs, carpets and drapes, and can be easily applied in office spaces, churches, theaters and homes.


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