Coval Group has created the next generation of hybrid coating technology. As our company name suggests, our coatings are built off a polymer that covalently bonds with the substrate and with itself.  Most coatings require a rough surface to adhere to and form a mechanical bond.  Ours interacts on the molecular level to chemically bond and link into the substrate regardless of surface roughness or porosity.  This high-tension crosslinking creates an entirely new surface that is extremely hard, totally waterproof, and highly resistant to abrasion, acids, stains, mold and corrosion.

All of our coatings are single component and easy to apply. They contain less than 100g/l VOC and contain no known carcinogens under Proposition 656 of the California Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.

We have finely tuned each coating to give superior performance on its preferred substrate, and have created complementary systems to maximize performance within a given application. This versatility allows us to compete in both broad industry sectors and niche markets where coatings couldn't perform before, and allows us to work with companies where coating failure simply isn't an option.  Contact us today to see how we can help you. 

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Coval Group is a company with a startup mentality and a 15 year track record of innovative coating technology. Founded and based in Texas, we have seen our coatings successfully applied in projects coast to coast and around the world. 

Sometimes progress is attained by happy accident. Our story began with experimentation to produce a thin, invisible sealer to protect architectural stonework on historical buildings. One mixture was left to react longer than intended and the result was a new sealer that kept the positive properties of it's base ingredients and diminished the negative properties of each.  After some further experimentation and tweaking we had the base formula for our Multi-Purpose Sealer.

Flash forward to today and Coval has refined and expanded the covalent bonding technology to work on a wide variety of substrates, with mindful adjustments to each formula to give the products desirable properties specific to each target industry. We are always considering new ideas and applications, and welcome the challenge to solve problems that can't be tackled by anyone else.  




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Coval Metal Coat protects against moisture, corrosion, salt spray, acid spills, UV damage, dirt and ice buildup.  It creates a Covalent bond with the metal, and will not crack, peel, flake or bubble.   This Ultra-thin coating is extremely tough and almost invisible.

industrial concrete coatings


Coval Concrete Coat gives clear, invisible protection from stains, moisture damage, chloride ion penetration, acids and graffiti.  Use on precast concrete and it is especially effective on structures near or over water.  In underwater applications, it will prevent Quagga and Zebra mussels from attaching to surfaces.


Coval Marine & Hull Coat protects metal hulls, propellers, rudders and all underwater metal components.   Marine and Hull Coat provides a protective barrier against corrosion and inhibits marine grasses, barnacles and mussels from bonding to the coated surface.

best wood coating


Coval Ultimate Top Coat offers a protective coat over sealed, stained or painted wood.  Ideal for cabinetry, tough enough to protect wood from water, acids, ketchup spills and UV light.   Available in several different finishes.  


Coval Ultimate Top Coat protects stone from etching by providing a long-lasting barrier with superior resistance against moisture intrusion, stains, mold, liquid and food acids.  Available in a gloss or satin finish, it is ideal for use in kitchens, restaurants, bars, and tables.


Coval Vinyl Coat creates a thin invisible barrier that protects the floor against wear and tear and most importantly, eliminates the need for harsh chemicals in the cleaning process and floor waxing maintenance. 

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Coval Graffiti Coat protects surfaces from the damaging effects of unwanted paint, permanent markers, acids and stickers.  The coating creates a new clear surface with provides superior non-sacrificial barrier against graffiti that can be easily cleaned.

permanent antimicrobial coating


Coval BioActivate FB with Antimicrobial additive repels liquids, prevents stains and protects furniture, clothing, carpet, rugs, coveralls and upholstery.   The antimicrobial used in BioActivate FB is EPA registered as a broad spectrum microbiocide with decades of safe usage history.

Coval Multi-Purpose sealer


Coval Sealer, which can be used on almost any substrate – concrete, wood, stones, tiles and fabric, are breathable, stain and water-repellent.   They penetrate the surface of the substrate and are virtually invisible.


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Worker applying a spray coating to caution striping at an Air Force base.
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