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Protection against moisture, corrosion, salt spray, acid spills, UV damage, dirt and ice buildup.  Creates a Covalent bond with the metal, will not crack, peal, flake or bubble.   This Ultra-thin coating is extremely tough and almost invisible.

Clear invisible protection from stains, moisture damage, chloride ion penetration, acids and graffiti.  Use on precast concrete and especially important on structures near or over water.  In under water applications, this will prevent Quagga and Zebra mussels attaching to the surface.

A protective coat over sealed, stained or painted wood.  Ideal for cabinetry, tough enough to protect wood form water, acids, ketchup spills and UV light.   Available in several different finishes.  

Revitalize that old faded plastic back to new.  Coval Plastic Coat is perfect for stadiums and comes with a long-lasting antimicrobial additive that will not only make your stadium look like new, it will help to keep you safe!

Coval Stone Coat protects stone from etching by providing a long-lasting barrier with superior resistance against moisture intrusion, stains, mold, liquid and food acids.  Available in a gloss or satin finish, is ideal for use in kitchens, restaurants, bars, tables.

Used on metal hulls, propellers, rudders and all underwater metal components.   Marine and Hull will provide a protective barrier against corrosion, inhibit marine grasses, barnacles and mussels from bonding to the coated surface.  

Coval BioActivate FB with Antimicrobial additive repels liquids, prevents stains and it is great for use on furniture, clothing, carpet, rugs, coveralls, and upholstery.   The antimicrobial used in BioActivate FB is effective against a range of bird and animal viruses including Coronavirus.

Coval Sealers, which can be used on almost any substrate – concrete, wood, stones, tiles and fabric, are breathable, stain and water-repellent.   They penetrate the surface of the substrate and are virtually invisible.

Coval Graffiti coat surfaces from the damaging effects of unwanted paint, permanent markers, acids and stickers.  The coating creates a new clear surface with provides superior non-sacrificial barrier against graffiti that can be easily cleaned.

Coval Vinyl coat creates a thin invisible barrier, which protects the floor against wear and tear and most importantly eliminates the need for harsh chemicals in the cleaning process and floor waxing for maintenance. 


Coval Molecular Chemicals was formed in 2005 and was headquartered in San Francisco.  In 2020 we renamed the company Coval Group and moved the headquarters to Houston, Texas. 

Coval coatings are not coatings in the traditional sense.  They create covalent bonds with the underlying substate, which is where our name originate.  

Coval Coatings are single phase chemicals and do not require mixing parts to set and bond.  The coatings start to set when exposed to oxygen rather than any added component.   The coatings have an extremely high cross-link density with the substrate and with itself.



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